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noun• /ˈdēto͝or/
A new traveling app that makes air travels exciting again!

Duration: 1 week
My role: Research, Design, Test
‍Location: Seattle, WA
Detour is a flight information app that makes air travels fun! It is designed for frequent travelers. Users can use this app to record their trips and compete for total miles with their friends. The app also shows your travel footprint and countries and territories you have been to, so users would feel a sense of achievement after every trip.
Home Screen
Home screen shows your upcoming trips and travel histories with precise, clean, and essential information about your flights.

Thumbnail images give you a glimpse of the trip on the map.
Home Screen
Home screen shows your upcoming trips and travel histories with precise, clean, and essential information about your flights.

Thumbnail images give you a glimpse of the trip on the map.
Trip Detail
You can find your flight airport detail under every trip.
Adding Flights
Our team conducted multiple interviews and framed questions to allow for conversation that provided insights into the feelings and experiences associated with care. We then analyzed responses to find a general pattern from these interviews.

One interesting thing that we found out is that children and parents tend to communicate more often and even felt closer to each other while they are away from home.
Adding Flights
You can add a flight directly from the upper right corner on the home screen, and you may search your flight according to the information you have.

Just select your flight and you can see the details of the flight at a glance.
You can even share your trips and some interesting data with your friends and family!
See who's on the top of your list
Personal Achievement
To make Detour more fun, you can see some of your travel history and personal achievement under profile page.
reserach + Development
Initial Thoughts + Motives
As an international student who travels a lot, I never really liked the process of going to an airport. From booking the flight, the experience became daunting. And I wonder if there is a way to make the whole experience fun again, spark the excitement like taking the flight when we were young.
From interviews, along with other methods, I found out that most people have been worried that they might miss a flight. Three people from the interviewees missed flights before. All participants agree that they had experienced anxiety before boarding.
One takeaway is that most of my interviewees agree is that the process from booking flights, checking-in, going to the airport, to security check is overwhelming and not pleasing.

One step goes wrong, you might miss the flight.
Process of Taking a Flight
Too many apps/tools to manage a trip
Too many variables that are hard to keep track of
Going to the airport and travel is no-longer as exciting
The process is daunting and exhausting
HMW Statement
My Approach
Mobile app is the best medium to solve the problem so far. Since mobile phones are most accessible and most used tool when you travel or move around, an app will easily notify you when and where to go.

I conducted three participatory design workshop to find out the most used functions and some of the information you cannot miss when taking a flight.
Key points:
Easier navigation to search a flight
Getting notified of when and where
Link to existing airline app and auto sync data
One place for all information
Fun and rewarding experience
Social function to share your trip and achievements


Travel enthusiasts
Young people who would like to record their flights as a form of a diary

People who take flights
People who need to track flight information
The wireframe defined a rational and logical user flow, from logging in, searching and adding flights, social interaction, to personalized rewards and achievements.
Figma time!
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