November 22, 2019
Graphic Design

Color Interaction Story Book

Seattle, WA

20 x 13 cm | 7.9 x 5.1 inches

2 Weeks

Procreate, Adobe Illustrator

An interactive storybook aims to educate young children about colors. The story book tells a story of a detective finding the missing painting, and you as an assistant will help him with a simple color interaction theory - Simultaneous Contrast.

This is a 2-week project from UW Design 210 Color and Composition class. The project aims to help people understand Josef Albers' simultaneous contrast color theory with a product.

Team: Lin Zhu, Yichen Xie

Context –– Simultaneous Contrast

Josef Albers stated that we rarely see a color that is not affected by or relative to another color. Which means sometimes two identical colors may look different, whereas two very different colors may seem the same on different backgrounds.

For this project, we were asked to prove that the viewer's understanding of color changes based on context by using motion or interaction you will showcase the principle of Simultaneous Contrast.

Target group

The project solution aims to educate young children (around 6-8 years old) about colors and composition with an interesting story. The interactive pages allow readers to slide or spin the color modules inserted in the page to learn about Simultaneous Contrast.

Story – The Missing Painting


A scream slashed the peaceful morning of Front de Seine. A lady, the owner of the top floor of the mansion, found that her most precious painting has gone missing.

She quickly reached out to the police and her private detective for help. However, the painting was quickly found, but the detective think it must not be that easy. And he found you, a color expert, to help him examine the painting.

Methods and Crafts

To tell the story visually, we spent most of our time to craft a humorous yet playful style on iPad. By using Procreate, we were able to make the story alive. And we tested a special 3-page mechanism to make the page interactive, and make sure the experience is as interesting as the story.

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