July 4, 2019
Product Design

Ceiling Light Fixture

Ithaca, NY

122 cm | 48 inches

4 Weeks

The light is designed uses eco-friendly solutions and materials to be the key element in a space.

This is a 2-week design project assigned by Cornell Human Ecology Design Environmental + Analysis (DEA) department.

The challenge of the project is to create a center piece that forms a intimate space for conversations within a public space.

Ideation + Exploration

This luminaire design is a very hands-on project. It started with a various explorations and experiementations with paper, testing and learning about the material properties, from malleability, ductility, creep and slip, to resilience.

Testing the material with soaking, burning, folding, etc.

The form is defined by how soft and resilient the material is

Refined and improved with a more structural forml


For sustainability, all components are cut from one piece of cardboard paper.

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